How does my PRE-ORDER work?

PRE-ORDERING on “currently out of stock” or “coming soon” products means, you will pay for it now and receive it at a later date. You generally will receive an email notification that stock is back in and confirmation that the item has been shipped.

We appreciate your patience on any sold out and temporarily unavailable products when this arises. 

Can I use my lashes more than once?

Yes, you can. The great thing about our My Big Lashes range is that each set is reusable and can be worn up to 30 times. This is because there is no glue to clump on the lash band.

Taking proper care of your lashes will extend their lifespan, which is why we have packed them in beautiful reusable cases for you to pop them back into after use.

Are your products Cruelty-Free?

Of course! My Big Lashes is proud to say that no animals were harmed during the testing and production of our lashes.

Are the lashes handmade?

Yes! All of our lashes are individually handmade.

How do I apply my lashes? 

Check out our video below for simple instructions on how to apply. It's super-easy! 

How long does the Magnetic Liner take to dry? 

My Big Lashes Magnetic Liner (included with each set of lashes) is simple to use and takes less than a few minutes to dry. When applying the eyeliner make sure to focus on the two corners where the edge magnets will stick. First, make the line at least 1mm thick, and allow the eyeliner to completely dry before applying your lashes for maximum effect.

Are the ingredients safe in the Magnetic Liners? 

My Big Lashes Magnetic Eyeliner has no heavy metals or parabens present. All ingredients are gentle, non-toxic and are perfect for people with sensitive skin.  However, if you do believe you may have a specific sensitivity to any products that involve being around the eye, any eye issues, or have recently had eye surgery, please consult your doctor prior to using My Big Lashes.

How do I clean my lashes?

We recommend just a simple wipe with a cotton tip soaked in an oil based eye makeup remover or micellar water to clean around the magnets. Make sure you remove all residue. 

The better care you take of your My Big Lashes, the longer they will last.
Where are your products made and or distributed?

All My Big Lash products, while originally sourced from China, are individually packaged and distributed on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. 

Can I return and/or exchange my product?

Please visit our Refund Policy page here.

Where is your warehouse located?

Our main office and warehouse is located on Central Coast, NSW, Australia. 

What currency am I paying in?

All products are listed in Australian dollars (AUD).